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Offer Christoph's – They Will Come


      We can't figure out why upscale eateries don't offer high quality, Gourmet Artisan Sausages.

     Maybe once in a while you'll see a run-of-the-mill Brat or Italian on a menu. But, then, did you ever eat them? We have – bland, unfocused flavor. No essence. No thanks…

     There are thousands of Chicago restaurants, food bars, street vendors and micro-brewery eateries. Their menus are all similar – burgers and chicken wings. Personally, I'm tired of over-dressed burgers hiding the flavor of average meats. I'm tired of non-defined sauces on wings.

     When you and I invite friends to our back yard event or a Sunday afternoon at the house for  big screen sports, yes, we'll serve burgers, dogs and wings. But, we would not think of not serving brats. So why don't upscale food, sport and craft beer bars offer out-of-this-world sausages…? We are just as confused.

     So, here we are. We believe there is an untapped menu opportunity for you. Offer Christoph's ™ Gourmet Artisan Sausages and they will come.

     I think you'll agree. Commercial, non-craft beers are bland – without flavor, without body, without character…! Basically, seltzer water. But, like the craft beers customers crave and you serve with pride, you'll discover that Christoph's is not the same old bland, commercial volume sausage.

     Our gourmet artisan sausages are hand crafted and produced in small batches.

     When you serve our brats, they'll be bursting with flavors and impart a wonderful palate texture...Scrumptious. Not too fat, not too lean...Quality and flavors to die for.

     Over the past year, we have given away hundreds of pounds of gourmet artisan sausages – for kitchen testing and tasting, and tasting again and again. And responses have been, "Wow."

     We are now introducing and offering 6 gourmet, artisan sausages (with more to come) – designed to complement your craft beers and differentiate your house from the "sameness" menu competition.

     Serve Christoph's™. Customers will come back – again and again...for flavor and quality.


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