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 mandarin orange
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Christoph’s – Mandarin Orange

A Sweet-Tart Mandarine Orange Brat  A Premium Pork Sausage. Laced with a splendid, organic spice of Asian cinnamon, this radiant mandarin orange sausage

offers its delightful flavor from chuncks of the finest dried mandarin orange fruit - with every bite.


 cashews almonds fruits
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Christoph’s – Cashew, Almonds & Fruit

A Crunchy Nut & Mixed Fruit Sausage  A Premium Pork Sausage. A unique mix of healthy, roasted cashews and almonds, with dried bluberries and tropical mangos, releases delectable flavors - with every bite.


 calimyrna fig
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Christoph’s – Calimyrna Fig

A Golden Delicious Sun-Dried Fig Sausage – A Premium Pork Sausage. Organically grown Mediterranean figs offer a delicate balance of sweet and nutty flavors.


muscat grape
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Christoph’s – Golden Muscat Grape

A Luscious, Sun-Dried Sweet Grape Sausage – A Premium Pork Sausage. Known throughout the world as one of the finest grapes for eating and wine making, you will experience its floral and "grapy" note  with every bite.


 tart montmorency
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Christoph’s – Tart Montmorency Cherry™ 

A Sweet & Tart Montmorency Cherry Sausage – A Premium Pork Sausage. A culinary masterpiece of succulant flavors will saturate your taste buds, offering an experience of ambrosial delight  with every bite.


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Christoph’s – Wild Gooseberry

A Continental Fruit Sausage – A Premium Pork Sausage. The complex and balanced flavors of this creamy, sweet yet slightly tart, enchanting fruit are immediately experienced with every bite.


Why Christoph's

Our foods reflect natural and organic ingredients, containing only the finest that nature offers.


  No MSG   No Potassium Lactate
  No Fillers   No Sodium Phosphates
  No Meat By-Products   No Sodium Diacetate
  No Gluten   No Sodium Erythorbate
  No Carrageenan   No Maltodextrin
  No Corn Syrup   No Sodium Nitrate
  No Artificial   Sweetners   No Recovered Meats
  No Artificial Flavors   No Mechanically Seperated Meats


New World Flavors – Old World Quality

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